IV. Ma'aseh Merkabah

Chariot of the Star People

The image below will be familar to some of you as the basic form of the Merkaba. When Grandfather Martin showed me this painting he referred to it as "The Two Brothers," and added, "They always come together like this."

According to contemporary spiritual teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek, the human body is enveloped in a rotating electro-magnetic field in the shape of a star tetrahedron, the individual Merkaba Chariot. This is a vehicle of immense power that, when consciously activated through breathwork and meditation, can transport us to the next dimension and safely back to our true home at Galactic Center -- Source. As you saw on the map of the Inner Earth on the previous page, Central Sun is not to be reached by traveling outwards into Outer Space but by journeying inwards. Grandfather Martin suggested that when the Day of Purification comes to this world, those who are to be surviving may be transported to Shamballah in the Inner World by UFO-like vehicles such as these.

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The image on the left is a medieval illustration with a quote from the Emerald Tablet of Hermes -- "As above, so below" -- or, the macrocosm is contained within the microcosm.

The image on the right is a depiction of the Heart Chakra from the Indian tantric tradition. It shows a twelve-petaled lotus flower containing a Merkabah-like star. It is decorated by letters of the Sanskrit alphabet which are utilized by tantrikas in their meditations. The Manipura or Navel chakra (not shown here) is depicted as containing only an inverted triangle. Osho Rajneesh speaks extensively about this subject in his wonderful Book of Secrets. Although our physical umbilical cord is closed at birth, the navel continues to be the center through which we draw in prana life-force energy from the Universe. One of the major goals of tantric meditation is to turn this downward-facing triangle at the navel into an upward-facing triangle so the energy ascends rather than descending into the lower chakras. There are multiple levels of meaning to this. Holotropic Breathwork or Rebirthing Breathwork are similar methods for awakening and raising kundalini energy (see also Rebirthing: Freedom from Your Past by Deike Begg). Drs. Barry and Janae Weinhold provide important clues to another level of this process in an article on Breaking Free from Victim Consciousness.

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